About us

Me:  I'm a mommy of three beautiful and completely crazy kiddos.  Myself, my hubby, the aforementioned kids and two big oafs of dogs are enjoying living in Orlando, Fl.  I am ok at a lot of things, and great at nothing, but I keep trying.  That is until I get sucked into my couch to watch Burn Notice and whatever else is on the DVR.  (Michael Weston = Hot, but I've always had a thing for bad boys.  Anyway...)  I am losing my mind half the time, my house is a disaster all the time, but I'm at least always honest about it and do a decent job of keeping my sense of humor.  I do a lot better job of that than keeping the toilets clean.

Macho Man: My husband is a big hulking overgrown adolescent boy who can look hot one minute roaring down the street on a Harley and be convulsing in laughter over potty humor 5 minutes later.  He is former military and current law enforcement and fits every stereotype that brings.  He simultaneously keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh.  I adore him.  Even when he's driving me crazy and I want to strangle him at the same time.

Blue Eyes:  My oldest child, my first born boy is a total sweetheart.  He's loving and cuddly and smart as a whip.  He also can get spun into a frenzy by certain "triggers" that turn him into a behavioral nightmare.  Hyperactive to the 900th degree and acting on every impulse, even if that impulse is completely inappropriate.  Blue Eyes has been diagnosed "PDD-NOS".  That's medical speak for "kind of autistic but not exactly and we really have no idea what else to call it".  He has trouble at school, and some social difficulties, but he's a great kid and we thank our lucky stars that he's as fabulous as he is.

Lil' Bit:  Our first born twin and our only girl, Lil' Bit is simultaneously fragile and fiesty.  Bless her heart, her brothers are constantly knocking her down and taking things from her, and boy, she does her best to fight back.  She is a bottomless pit- constantly eating- yet is this teeny tiny little thing who's going on three years old and still wearing 18 month sized clothes.  She scared us because she has what we now know is a minor birth defect.  At one point a neurologist told us she may not walk or talk by her second birthday.  She did both, and aside from a lingering speech delay and a little clumsiness she's doing great.  She's turning into a bookworm like her Mama; the latest is that she wants to sleep with a different book every night so she can read by the nightlight.  (I so did that...)

Guns: Our second born twin was our smallest preemie and just didn't get the message that he was supposed to have a hard time at it.  This kid just hit the ground running.  He's a hard-charging muscular little natural athlete who just thrives.  I almost don't know what to do with a "normal" kid.  But his secret is that he's a total Momma's boy at heart who can't start his day without a cuddle fix and comes back for reassurance all day long.

You'll notice I said "smallest preemie"?  That's right, all three of our buggers were preemies.  All three were in the NICU for about two weeks apiece.  All of us are truly dedicated to making our lives as eventful as possible.

Am I done having kids?  Oh yeah, baby.  You know it.  Stick a fork in me.  Okay, I think about it.....but not for long.

Dumb:  Our 12 yr old mixed breed family dog is actually pretty smart, but getting very stubborn in her old age.  She is convinced that she outranks the little humans.  Afterall, she's been around longer.  She's probably also a little resentful that she's been demoted from treasured companion sleeping on the foot of my bed to being crawled upon by minions and being yelled at told "go lay down" all day long.

Dumber.  The name speaks for itself.  Dumber is a big fat lug hunk of goofy golden retriever who's primary talent is breathing hot stinky breath in your face and rolling in the dirt and weeds outside and then shaking it off in my house.  This wouldn't be as big of a deal if I vacuumed frequently like I should, but like that's going to happen....

That's pretty much us.  Stay tuned for our antics...